Monday, January 18, 2010

Skinny Minnie

Last September, when Tillie was 4 months old, people started commenting that she was filling out.  It really was her cloth diapers, but no one really believed me.

Yesterday her diapers needed to be washed.  It just didn't get done in time and they take about 36 hours to dry in the winter.  That means an afternoon/evening with no diapers.  Err...

Luckily in December I bought a pack of disposable diapers because of the Christmas busy-ness.  There were a few nights where we needed to use one, but that was pretty rare.  This afternoon when I put a Huggie on her I remembered a cute pair of jeans she has that don't fit over her cloth diapers.  I realized just how slim and tall she was when I saw her in them.

She likes to roll, so I wasn't too surprised when she did this.

I was surprised that she didn't flip all the way over.

I had to go downstairs to flip the laundry.  I figured she'd just roll around on the ground and play with the sock monkey keychain.

I did not expect to come back upstairs to this:

p.s. Tillie is quasi-famous!  Check the Little Giraffe blog.


Elise said...

haha! Lilia is in cloth diapers too and whenever we put her in disposables we say, 'wow! She's so skinny!' I love the way she looks in disposables, but I still really love my bumgenius diapers!

Cara & Jeff said...

Haha! I love that she ended up under the mat!

mathilda said...

Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment because I am delighted that you have a little Tillie. My name is Mathilda (my mom won the argument for the name AND the silent h...the name is on both sides of my family, surprisingly enough). Growing up, I was always Tilly to friends and family, and my family and oldest friends still call me Tilly (or Till) but the rest of the world calls me Mathilda (and NEVER Mattie!). I LOVE my name, though I do admit I went through stages where I wish I had been named Jennifer or Jessica or Katie.
Your daughter is beautiful!
Be well...
P.S. I am wracking my brain trying to remember how I even found your blog...I think it was through a link of a friend of a friend I knew from Bible Camp a hundred million years ago.