Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Polka Dot Feathers

I got a cute new headband at work yesterday.  I bought it to wear to a wedding this weekend, but I might just leave it on today too.

I could never be a MySpace Queen; I lack bathroom picture taking skills.

Isn't my expression awesome.  It makes me think of a mannequin with a vacant look.

I just might order this number from  It's perfect for Christmas parties.

(No, I don't intend to write every post this month about clothing.  I just worked the last two days, so clothing is on my mind.)

(My sweater is from Forever 21.  I bought it yesterday.)


Rebekah said...

cute headband! Your expression reminds me of the expressions on those 80's silhouette know, the ones with the head on shot in the front and the profile shot floating in the upper corner of the photo :)

Amanda B said...

Love the Ikea shower curtain :) We have the same one.

Anonymous said...

I like when you talk about clothes.. I started reading your xanga when ended each post with what you wore that day! :)