Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Remember how a week after Tillie was born I posted on facebook that I was wearing my regular jeans?  Yeah, well, I haven't worn them since.  No, I've not been wearing maternity sizes, I bought new jeans in a different size.  I've found that I don't like Gap and Old Navy jeans lately.  They just don't fit me right.  And, I don't want to drop any money on designer denim because hopefully this size is just temporary.

I found new jeans I like, at American Eagle of all places.  They have great customer service on their online site.  Free shipping and free returns.  I had a coupon for 20% off too.  The best part?  Their jeans are cheap!  Regular price is $29.50-$49.50.

I ordered one of every style and had a fashion show for my mom and Tillie.  Two different styles were winners for me. The Artist Jean. The Skinny Jean.

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