Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Shopping?

Ever since I was in High School and actually bought my own Christmas gifts, my goal has been to have them all purchased by Thanksgiving.  I LOVE shopping, but I don't like shopping during really busy times.  Because of my job at J. Crew, I have pretty high standards when it comes to customer service and waiting in line.  I know it's weird, but I can't stand waiting in line.  (Hobby Lobby in Jenison is the worst offender.  I always have to wait there.)

I have my family done.  (Okay, I still have to pick-up Philip's, but it will be a quick stop.)  I hope to get the rest of it done soon.  (But NOT this weekend.  I go out, but only to work.  I'd stay home it if were up to me.  It's not worth the money to fight someone for the last toy at 5am in Target.)

How's your Christmas shopping coming?  Do you plan ahead like me?  Or are you finishing it up on Christmas Eve?

(p.s. My house smells like pies and cupcakes today.  I love it.)
(Apparently I also love parentheses.)


Cara & Jeff said...

I usually avoid even getting groceries between Thanksgiving and Christmas...I go less often and buy way more at a time. This year is the first time I might go out early on Black friday, and that's only because I NEED a dryer (I have some clothes hanging, but no room for my towels or sheets or socks). (I also like parentheses... and elipses...)

Laura said...

I started my Christmas shopping today. I usually start around now and finish long before the rush. I used to work in a department store, on cash. So what I like to do now is already have my Christmas shopping done but still go shopping anyway. I can buy a pack of gum or nothing. It is kind of liberating to not have to buy anything and yet be there anyway.

Happy US Thanksgiving. I'm wandering through the list of blogs on IComWeLeave. Will see how many I can comment in tonight. :)

Mya said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I generally try to avoid stores between Black Friday and Christmas, but the plan for early shopping never really work out. This year we started today and should be done in early December.