Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage Postcards

On our wedding day, we had a lot of pictures taken downtown. A few were right around the Civic Auditorium. On our weekend honeymoon up north, I bought an old postcard of the Civic with the idea of framing it with some of the pictures taken. I hoped they would turn out. They did.

(I didn't take the time to upload these from the disk, so they're stolen from facebook. Hence the weird quality and size. Sorry! If you click on them, they will get bigger.)

This weekend I finally got around to hanging the pictures. But, can I find the postcard? Not a chance! I've looked everywhere I thought I kept it. For the longest time it just hung out on the entertainment center in the living room until I decided I would put it somewhere I would remember so it would be safe.


The frames look awesome though! I have the one of both of us as a 5x7 in an 8x10 sized floating frame. Hanging on the other size of the window is a long vertical floating frame with 4x6 size photos of each of us. In the middle is suppose to be the postcard; instead it's just a weird mark of white paper where I couldn't get the tape off.

*sigh* I'd like to find the one I bought on the honeymoon, but I'm pretty sure I won't find it until I buy a new one.

I think I might go to an antique store today.

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