Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I like picking out paint. I wouldn't say that I'm good at it, but I love going to Seven's and looking at all the paint chips they have.

Today Tim and Mark are going to prime the nursery. This called for a stop at Seven's yesterday for me to pick up primer. When I mentioned this to someone at work, they said, "You could get primer at Meijers." No, I can't. Seven's is the only place that I will ever buy paint.

My Grandpa DeYoung was a teacher. This meant that he had summers to make some much needed extra money. So, he painted. My mom and my aunts all would help. I would have loved to see my mom hanging off a ladder painting a huge barn. I've heard stories and it sounds awesome. He bought all of his paint from Seven's. The customer service is impeccable and everyone who works there knows exactly what they're talking about.

When my Grandpa died, my Grandma took some paint back to Seven's to see if she could return it as he had just bought it. The first person wasn't so sure, so he got a manager. When the manager came out he said, "Don DeYoung was one of our best customers. We'll take back every can she has, even if there's rust on it."

With that, they have a customer for life with me.

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Amy Melissa said...

Interiors is probably one of my favorite parts of my job. Benjamin Moore paint fans and samples completely brighten my day at work.

I've definitely made a few last minute runs to Sevens for samples for clients. They are the best!