Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In around 80 days...

Little Baby LuLu will be coming home. And LuLu, being my child, needs to make a fashionable first appearance here at home.

I first bought a unisex outfit for Lulu.

It has little acorns on it!! How perfect is that?

It goes perfectly with the hat I bought on Etsy last summer!

But then, I thought, what if Kizie's right and LuLu is a girl? Would I want her first outfit to be so gender neutral? (She would definitely still wear the acorn outfit later!)

Now, I know you're thinking pink, and you might be surprised! The outfit actually is more green and white!

And, I had to get the matching little hat!

So, my little boy would get to wear acorns home and my little girl would get to wear fairytale castles. That sounds about right.

12ish weeks and we will know.


Toby and Laura said...

Yes, that does sound about right. But what if it's twins? You're set if there is one of each, but what if there are 2 boys in there? Totally realistic.

Amy Melissa said...

Where would you suggest looking for cute outfits to bring baby home in? I don't have any picked out yet.

Rebecca: said...

Very cute outfits, both of them!