Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My brother, the Marine.

Philip is the one pictured in the top right hand side of the photo.
He had his final drill for his reservist duty this past weekend.

note by Philip:
I was recently directed to an article my then XO wrote about the battle of Fallujah, which was the week of Nov 8th 2004. I took part in every convoy/mission that he wrote about in his article, yet if you listened to both of our stories you'd never believe it was for the same event. Not that he made the incidents up per-se, but that in every situation he always describes us as poised whereas I remember watching everything had its fair share of chaos. Such as drivers leaving their truck in the kill zone to render first aid which was supposed to be a task only for the rapid response vehicles. I suppose journalism will always color a story no matter how accurate the portray attempted. Also, he is using two pictures I took myself and has them incorrectly attributed to Sgt Bennets dang it.

This picture is from 2003, when he graduated from boot camp.

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