Monday, January 12, 2009

Matilda Jane Clothing

So sad... I placed an order from Matilda Jane on January 2 because they were having a 60% off sale. I ordered a dress for Kizie, and a track jacket and dress for LuLu. (One's got to be the right gender!)

The package came today! But, there was no dress for Kizie. Just a box marked "out of stock" with a note about a refund. It's kind of sad. I LOVE the Matilda Jane product, but I've never had good customer service. When we bought a dress for Kiz (full price!) last Feb, they didn't tell us that it would be on back order. We bought it for a wedding and it didn't come until after the wedding. Now this. If I had been sent and e-mail about the out of stock dress, I would have been checking the website for something else to buy her. Now, there's nothing left in her size that would look good on her.

I could cry. (But really, it doesn't take that much lately for that!)


Kelly said...

I agree with your email Idea for matilda jane...I spent hours/days of my time trying to get an art fair item. I even happened to be on the site when they posted the art fair stuff...I put it in my shopping bag and immediately paid for it. A week later when I get my box...No art fair stuff!! I felt like crying and I'm not even pregnant! I totally had my hopes ups since it almost seemed impossible that i wouldnt get these items...Especially considering my timing. An email would have been nice!! I dont even want to bother trying to get anything good now...since there is no way of knowing wether you'll get it.

Amy Melissa said...

Hi Amber! You are so adorable with all your baby posts! I love the gender poll. I voted for a girl. I hope you are doing well and that the Crew is a little less busy after the New Year. We'll need to get together again soon - perhaps around Valentine's day so I can see your Valentine's day tree again! Are you thinking about photography at all yet? I have a friend a church who I think would do a really good job after baby comes. I don't know about hiring someone to do very pregnant Amy pictures though. I think it would be fun, but I don't really want to invest much or any money in it!

nicole said...

Hi, I placed some Matilda Jane orders also, however I'm still waiting on my I'm hoping it all comes in. I feel so bad for you I would be really upset if something was missing.
How did you get tracking numbers for your order? Let me know please.

Benitta said...

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