Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tip me over and pour me out...

Yesterday at my doctors appointment, I found out I have a tipped uterus. I know, you all have been dying to know about this. Apparently I'm in the 20-30% of women who have this. There's not really anything bad about it, except that we couldn't hear the heartbeat of the baby yesterday because it's too far back in there!

My doctor gave me three options: 1) Just wait until my next appointment-- in 4 weeks. 2) Come back late next week and we could try with the Doppler again. 3) Schedule an ultrasound so we can see it for sure.

Yes, I have and ultrasound scheduled for next week Tuesday.

Oh, and just for random information to store away, a tipped uterus will right itself within weeks 10 to 12. I was just right at 10 weeks, so it hadn't tipped up yet.

Later this weekend, look for picture from my Chicago trip. My mom and the Kiz are going to see Robin, Colin and Hope! And, maybe, if we have time, do some shopping.

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Laura said...

I knew there was *something* about you...