Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Pictures, 2014

In January it snowed.  And it snowed.  The first two days back from Christmas break were snow days, along with others in the month.  It was also wicked cold.

There was still a lot of snow in February, but on the 18th it was 44*.  That felt warm enough to my kids to not want coats.  The sun was out and I couldn't argue.

Tillie did 6 weeks of dance at the Wyoming Parks and Rec.  Because of the snow days one was canceled and it pushed the recital into March.  In other words(in case you forgot already), this winter was snow and more snow and cold.  Forever.

April 17 brought the cutest baby born this year.  She's not as snugly(she'd rather be moving) and her hair isn't as dark, but she's still the cutest girl who loves her blankies and pacifiers.

Tillie turned 5 in May.  She also "graduated" from preschool.

Like we always do in June, we moved to Camp.  I also made sure the kids got to do other fun summer things like visit the local farmer's market to get fresh Michigan strawberries.

With Tim's huge writing project from the first half of the year finally completed in July he did a lot of projects around the house like refacing our front steps, cleaning out the "dog-run" and putting together a campsite for the kids to play with.  Tillie and Teddy ran a mini-Camp out here, ringing the bells for their meals and everything.

The long-awaited bunk beds for Teddy and Tillie's new shared room arrived in August.  Teddy dropped the screws in all the slats for Tim to tighten.  I was a little nervous about how bed time and nap time would go, but the transition couldn't have been smoother.  They really love being together.  I still have to share pictures of their room, but I have to finish the decorating first(like making Ted's silhouette).

Tillie started Kindergarten in September.  He was a little jealous when we first left her on the playground, but he's quite fond of running errands with just Beatrix and me.  She can't talk, so he gets to make most of the the choices.  I think they were both happy to see each other again when we picked Til up on the first day.

My boy, who gets angry if you refer to him as baby, turned 3 in October.  We made a lot of trips downtown to ArtPrize, which all the kids enjoyed.

November brought a white Thanksgiving.  I don't think anyone was really surprised when it started snowing in November.  It just seemed par for the course for the year.  Beatrix didn't really seem to care one way or another about the snow, but once we got her out in the sled she really enjoyed it.

There's been no snow really in December, which was totally weird, but I'll be honest and say I kind of liked it.  I think I'm still scarred from last winter and am just enjoying wearing ballet flats instead of Uggs.  Among many other festive outings and parties, we went to the Gardens to see the trains and trees.  These three are so much fun.

Happy New Year!  While I haven't gotten much sleep this year, I wouldn't trade a single minute.

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