Friday, November 21, 2014

Hand-Me-Down Props

One of the random fun things about working at J. Crew was the props we would get to decorate the store.  Usually we kept them and re-used them for various things, but every January we'd get a "purge" list of things to discard.  Sometimes they really were trash(multi-colored paper polygon shapes we had to put together) and some were useful(brightly colored thick cardboard present boxes).  One year every store was given a vintage sled for in the window.  From the pictures I saw, most stores received runner sleds, but my store was sent a gorgeous baby sled.  I was the merchandising manger at the time and I immediately told any and everyone that when it was on the purge list I had dibs.

Tillie's first winter it was still on the "Keep List", but they let me borrow it for a weekend to take some pictures of her in it.

Okay, they weren't great pictures, but Tillie loved her ride and it made me happy seeing her in the sled I'd loved for so long.

By the time Teddy was born, it was all mine.  My kids were thrilled!  It really is more functional than other sleds of this style I've tried.  Kizie had a modern version, but she slid around in it and tipped over a bit.  My kids just sit in this so nicely.

Maybe they just didn't like sharing it, because the next year Teddy was all about riding in my sled.

We've had a ton of snow all week, but today was the first day I got Beatrix in it.  She thought it was the best thing, ever.  I mean really people, she got a flu shot 15 minutes prior!

Also, how cute is my baby?

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