Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Mom By Tillie Leugs (and Teddy Leugs)

Our Mom

By Tillie (and Teddy)
May 2014

I really love it when my mom plays Lalaloopsies. (Teddy: “AND FIRE TRUCKS!”)

My mom likes to wear a dress. (Teddy: “I like a fire truck shirt.”)

My mom always tells me different words every day. (Teddy: “I don’t know…”)

The best thing she does is help me put on my clothes. (Teddy: “Clean up.”)

It makes her happy when we play nice. (Teddy: “I hold sissy.”)

My mom loves to relax at the beach. (Teddy: “in the bathtub.”)

I like it when she gets me snacks. (Teddy got distracted for a few minutes . . . )

The best thing she cooks is spaghetti. (Teddy was still distracted . . . )

When my mom shops she likes to buy any food that she likes to buy. (Teddy:”CAKE!”)

My mom’s favorite household chore is vacuum. (Teddy: “FIRE TRUCK! FIRE TRUCK!”)

My mom’s favorite TV show is a grown up show. (Teddy: “WE WATCH FIRE TRUCK SHOW!”)

If she could go on a trip, she would go to the mall. (Teddy: “A FIRE TRUCK STORE!”)

I love my mom because . . . I don't know. (Teddy: "I don't know...").

You might have seen a little bit of a trend with a few of Teddy’s responses, but I do think he loves his mommy more than he loves Fire Trucks.

Happy Mother's Day, Amber!  Love you!

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