Friday, September 13, 2013

My Influence

"Tillie, did you see any kids from your old preschool on the playground?  Olivia, Hattie?"
"No!  I didn't see Hattie."
"Oh, okay.  Did you make any new friends?  Maddy, Esther, Elizabeth?"
"Yes!  I did see Elizabeth!  She was wearing that pull-sleeved* dress you wanted me to wear, the one with the pink hearts.  She had on pull-jeans**, too.  Pink ones."
"Haha!  You're right.  I saw that too.  Those pink pants are called leggings."

She's right.  I did in fact show this dress to her three weeks ago at Carter's.  And Elizabeth was wearing it today.

* Short Sleeved
**Cropped Pants

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