Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just 2.

It's really weird that if I hadn't had a miscarriage last November I'd be posting a picture of three kids right now.  I didn't think about it all that often over the 9 months, but now that my due date of the 12th is tomorrow and a handful of people due around the same time as me have had their babies it's on my mind a lot.  Outfits I would have bought for my baby have been purchased for gifts.

All I wanted to do tomorrow was to go out for dinner with Tim, but we're at Camp and he couldn't get the night off.  Tillie asked if we could go to a park some morning this session, so maybe we'll do that.

Again, I don't really want to talk about this in person.  Comments are fine.


Thom and Laura said...

There are definitely no good words to share, but I empathize. The pain/confusion/sadness/wonder (whatever words you want to describe the feelings) linger and pop up at inconvenient and sometimes unexpected times. Sending a big hug your way :)

shanda said...

Awe sweetie. The ache is so very hard. I just talked about our miscarriage with Garrison today. Hugs to you from afar.

Zineb said...

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