Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Fun

This might seem weird to some people, because I can't count how many people have said that their dream is to live at a summer camp, but when I see pictures of fun summer things on facebook I'm jealous.  Yeah, I know that we live at a lake, sing songs after each meal and have more sand to dig in that could ever be dug, but sometimes I just want a sprinkler in the back yard.

I decided to remedy that a bit the last few days.  On Saturday morning we left Camp to go downtown to the Farmer's Market.  I didn't need any produce and flowers would wilt too quickly in my non-air conditioned apartment, so we went for French Macarons.  I'm definitely doing this again with them.  (We normally just go to the market near our house.  It has great produce, but there's something about the Fulton St. Farmer's Market...)

Yesterday we left Tim at Camp to finish the session and slept at home in air-conditioning.  As soon as we got ready we stopped at Target for snacks then headed out to the Zoo.  We have a membership that expires next month.  I want to get a few more uses out of it before then.  It also just seemed like a "summer" thing to do.

But, I still wanted to knock one more summer fun item off the list today.  (Obviously this won't be the only time we do this, but I still *needed* to do it today.  Not only because I wanted to see Tillie in this suit.  It's so cute, but we need longer tankinis at Camp...)  Tillie and Ted were all about a pool of water in the back yard.  Teddy preferred to play around it, but he got in there a couple of times too.

Next week is the 4th.  I cannot wait for the parade.  Ted-Ted is going to love it.

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