Monday, May 6, 2013

So Much To Do, But Not Yet

The first week of June is going to be crazy busy for our family.
  • It's Tim's last week of school.  He has a half day on Thursday the 6th.  He still has to report for grades, cleaning, etc on the 7th.
  • My cousin Leah is getting married on Friday the 7th.  The wedding is in Grand Haven.
  • Saturday is Camp's 100th Anniversary.  Tim is on the committee(he actually told them no twice because he knew I was already stressed out about this week 6 months ago.) and I'm helping out at one event.
  • Somewhere in there, we have to move to Camp.  In the past we've moved in on that Saturday.  Obviously that won't be an option this year.
So, Tim has a lot of things to do for the last week of school, but a lot of it I can't help with and can't really be done before school ends.  He will get it all done though, because if you haven't realized it, my husband is awesome.  I'd feel better about it all if Wednesday was the last half-day of school though.  Too bad I don't get to make the schedule.  (There wouldn't be Parent/Teacher Conferences on Valentine's Day, that's for sure!)

Leah's wedding is going to be awesome and fun.  It's not great timing, but she got the date to me first, so she wins. ;)  I love weddings, I love the beach and I love Leah and James.  Win-win.  I've had a babysitter booked for month.  Date night!

The Anniversary will be fun, but it's a freaking ton of work(for everyone, not just my family).  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and a ton of people come.  It's the grand opening of the new rope swing!

All of that is going to work out.  It's the moving to Camp that I'm most stressed out about.  It's been so warm lately(finally!) that it seems like I should be packing for Camp, but I can't do that yet because we still need everything this coming month.  The weather's just tricking me.  We're actually living in the same apartment this year -- the first time we'll live in the same place twice at Camp.  I'm very happy about that.  I like the location(quiet, away from Campers), amenities(bathtub, internet, three bedrooms) and general feeling(newish -- no mold!).  With all the craziness of that week in June we'd actually decided to move to Camp before school ended this year.  Then we found out that our apartment actually won't be available until June 1.  My mom is a HUGE help when we move in.  She does the most of the cleaning, if I'm completely honest.  We had planned on doing the cleaning the last week in May when Tillie was done with school.  So, now we'll do it on June 1 -- except my mom has plans that day and I submitted Tillie to be in a local designer's photo shoot on that day.  (It's a pretty slim chance on that photo shoot, but I once won a "trash the dress" session that I couldn't do because of work so going forward I'm going to keep dates like that open.)  Tim says he'll clean the apartment instead of the nature center that day.

It will all get done.  It will be okay.  I've been anxious about this weekend since the anniversary date was announced.  I think it's just that I can't do anything about it at this point.  I have to wait for the busyness to start.

I mostly just needed to type this out so I could see it.  I don't know that it helped.  It still feels a little overwhelming. ;)

Here's a picture of my cute kids, just because.  These are the kinds of outfits I have to wear now because they don't work so well at Camp.

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