Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ruffle Shorties

Tillie has a few dresses-turned-tunics that I'd like her to be able to wear this summer.  It can be too hot for capris or jeans and shorts just aren't always cute enough.  Enter the Ruffle Shortie!

Companies like Matilda Jane and Georgia Grace sell them for $30+, that is if you can get them.  Depending on the brand they can sell out nearly instantly.  I saw a tutorial online on how to make them out of Target leggings.  I took that one step further and bought pink polka dotted leggings at the thrift store -- on half off day. So yeah, I paid 50¢ for these, plus about 30 minutes of time.  That's more my style lately.

Are they well made?  No, not really.  But they should last her the summer.  This week I found some co-ops where you can order some for under $10, but I hate how long co-ops take.  I'm certainly tempted though!  I'll probably just end up making her two more pairs in navy and red to complete some other outfits I have in mind.

Tillie loves them, so they're definitely a win. (Please excuse my daughter's blindingly white legs.  It's been winter for the past 10 months or so.)

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Hope said...

Nice job, those are very cute and they turned out great!

Nothing wrong with white legs, especially when you've got hair that blond! :)