Sunday, April 28, 2013

Macaroni Patterns

You may have seen that Tillie and I took a necklace making class at Dreamspun during Spring Break.  It was geared towards younger(but older than Tillie) girls and focused on patterns at knot tying.  I did most of the work when we were there.

Today when I picked Tillie up from TLC at church she was wearing a pasta necklace.  She excitedly told me something right away, but I didn't really listen because I was trying to get her to say thank you and give her the star cookie I picked for her.  When we got to Tim he noticed the necklace and admired it.  I said, it looks pretty good, you can kind of see a pattern even.  To which Tillie replied, "I did make a pattern Mom!"

Sure enough.  She did.  An ABCC pattern, which wasn't even one we practiced.  You can see where her supplies must have run out of the colors she needed so she started a new one.

This makes me so happy.

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