Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kids in Bed

I read something(I think on pinterest) about taking pictures of your kids doing everyday things.  I make my kids pose for outfits pictures all the time, but it's not their natural state.  So, last night I took pictures of putting them to bed.  Teddy though it was so funny to have us hanging out in his room.

Teddy Baby is ready for bed, sleepsack on, MAM 'nuk' in his mouth and Aden + Anais blankie tag in hand.

And here's my Tillie-Girl in bed, brown Saranoni blankie on her legs under the covers, pink Saranoni blankie on her head, MAM 'nuk' in her mouth and Emmy tucked in next to her.

When I went to turn her light off before I went to bed I found her like this.

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Merly Stonier-Hartnett said...


I just came across your site by clicking on the Next Blog button :)

I like the idea of taking pics of kids doing everyday things.

Lovely family.