Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Eggs

About 2 weeks ago Tillie asked me if we could make Easter Eggs.  I told her no because we didn't have the supplies.  Thus every day she would ask me, "Did you get the eggsupplies yet?"  It kind of sounded like extra surprise and I had no idea what she was talking about for the first few days.  Finally we saw a PAAS commercial together and I figured it out.  I tried to play it off because I never remember dying eggs to be a good experience.  Plus, I don't like large cups of clothes staining liquid around my kids clothes.

But, then we were at Target with my mom last week and I happened upon the Easter section.  The Egg dye cups came home with us.  Finally today I said ,"yes."  She may have been a little excited.

When I asked her what her favorite color was she pointed to each of them individually.

She had Tim write an 'M' on an egg for her that she wanted to go in the pink dye.  As I was writing an 'A' on my egg she pointed, touched, and tipped over the purple dye(in a green cup) down the side of the cupboard.

Oh, and it also landed on her brother who was still wearing his church clothes from this morning

After a big clean-up session we finished the eggs.  Tim declared that egg decorating with the kids would be his job.  I said I'd rather blow out the yolks and paint them.  We'll see what we actually do next year.


Cara said...

1st--You are much braver than me! No way will we be dying eggs in this house!
2nd--is that a kid's camelbak on the counter? Cole is always stealing mine, and I didn't know they made smaller ones!

Amber Leugs said...

Yes it is! That one is from Amazon, but Tillie's is from Target.

Amber Leugs said...

Also, I got all the stains out of Teddy's clothes and blankie. Yeah, Chlorox2 and Shout Color Catchers!