Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow - Good and Bad

I woke up to to gorgeous snow-covered branches and the sound of Tim snow-blowing the driveway this morning.
Good News!  Tim had a 2 hour delay.
Bad News! He spent most of it working on the driveway.

Good News!  I took the kids outside to play in the snow!
Bad News!  No one but me wanted photographic proof that we had a good time.

Bad News!  Tim took my mini-van to school today and Tillie's winter coat was in it.
Good News!  We had Tillie's extra 3t coat from Aunt Betsy in her closet!  (Purple coat, purple pants, purple gloves and purple pajamas.  She loved it.)

Good News!  The plows came through!
Bad News!  They basically made a fort wall at the end of the driveway that I had to shovel up so Tim could get in the driveway.

Bad News!  I ate too many Cheez-Its today.
Good News!  I worked them off by shoveling the driveway!

Hmm, maybe that last one is "Good News! Good News!"  I really like Cheez-Its.

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