Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Presents

I'm done with my shopping!  I've actually been done with the kids for over a month, but it seems weird to post about Christmas presents in the beginning of November.

Step2 Toddler Tune Coupe - garage sale (It's been hiding under a blanket in the garage since early September.)  She's wanted one of these for a year.  Teddy is also going to be so excited, I predict.

Hi-Ho Cherry-O! - purchased on clearance at Target this summer
Ikea Doll Clothes - purchased in November - These fit Bitty Baby nicely.  She already has the "Spring" set and likes to change the dolls' clothes often.

Ikea Train "Board" - We bought the tracks in November and we're still working on the board.  This is our inspiration.  He's going to love it. (So is Tillie.)  I have to drag him away from the train table at preschool each Tuesday and Thursday.

Little People Christmas Wheelies - Oh friends, I bought this last year before Christmas.  It was on sale for about $11 and I had a $10 coupon to use at Kohl's.  I like how it all packs up into itself for easy storage.  (I've also planned ahead and bought more Wheelies on sale after Easter for their spring break basket next year.)

Bike Helmet - I got this on sale at Meijer a couple months ago.  Hopefully we'll actually get our bikes working this spring and he'll need it for riding in the Chariot. 

Hopefully I'll post their stockings later this week.  Like last year, I think I spent more on those.  I know.  I'm weird.


Cara said...

Cole LOVES his wheelies! I bought him more this year, even though I could have gone to hot wheels, because these don't hurt the wall if he throws them. He's also getting a train set, but I need to hunt down a few more train cars/engines I think. Or those can be easter/big brother gifts down the road.

Amber Lynn said...

I got Thomas trains for Tillie and Teddy's stockings. They LOVE Thomas(I kind of do too), so I know it will be a hit. The only problem is that they're too tall to fit under the ikea bridge, so we have to be creative in our track layout.