Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boot Color Help, Please?

I'm part of a Co-op on facebook.  One recent order (and my first, actually) was for shoes.  I knew this was coming and I had Tillie's shoes picked out and ready to go.  They just tried to place the order yesterday and the color I wanted for Tillie is out of stock in size 8, the one I need.  I'm not having a great week to begin with so I'm having a hard time picking the replacement as I had the boots mixed in with quite a few of her outfits in my head.  I just want what I ordered!

These are what I originally picked out.  The color code is red so I was expecting a brownish red boot.  Aren't they darling!  I thought they would be cute with the new Matilda Jane dress I'm picking up today plus all of the Tea she has in size 3. (Also note, yes, they are squeaky shoes.  I will be removing that thing immediately.  I abhor squeaky shoes.)

The boots come in three other colors.  I'm not sold on the white so I have black or orange to choose from.
I do like the black, but since I had ordered her brown/red boots I recently picked up some patent leather black flats for her.  She doesn't really need two pairs of dressier black shoes.
Honestly, I think these would be my first choice if the color code wasn't "orange".  They look like they're a nice camel color, but I'm a little worried that they're going to be more orange in real life.  Orange boots would go with exactly NONE of her clothes.  I can't think of a color she wears less of.

So, what do you vote for and why?


Hope said...

I'd go for the orange too. It's weird they call that orange. It's hard to imagine it could truly be ORANGE in real life.

Kays Mom & Kay said...

Randomly stumbled on your orange! pick orange! It's such a great autumn color that looks like it could be neutral enough to go with anything and if you dont have anything that matches...its all is a nice pop of color that compliments a number of items.