Thursday, July 19, 2012

Customer Service

I'm kind of particular about customer service.  I'll admit, I expect a lot.  I've worked in customer service for years now and like to think I'm pretty helpful.  But, because of that I have high expectations of what others provide.  Some exceed it and some fall very short.

I've written about my double stroller before.  I adore it.  It's perfect for what I need it for.  On the 4th of July Tim and I were running late.  The parade was starting and we still had about a half mile to walk to get to where my parents were sitting.  I quickly pulled the stroller out of the back, but it wouldn't lock open.  One of the of frame mechanisms was jammed down.  We messed around with it for a few minutes but when it didn't seem like and easy fix we carried both kids to the parade.  It was 95* at 11am.  I don't know that I've ever wanted my stroller more.

Since we were living at camp Tim didn't get a lot of time to try to fix it.  Finally he got around to it, but it didn't budge.  We both tried, it was maddening.  A few days later Tim called Britax for me.  (I hate calling on things like that.)  I thought they would be able to give us some tips for fixing it.  He e-mailed them a picture of the part and they quickly responded that they would replace it for us.  To my surprise and delight, a whole new stroller was on my doorstep yesterday.  And it's the 2012 model with updated wheels and seat!

Britax very much exceeded my expectations.  Teddy's a fan of his new seat that sits more upright.

Inspired by Finn
Tillie and Teddy both got amber necklaces in their stockings for Christmas.  Tillie wore hers a handful of times a month.  Teddy started wearing his daily about 3 months ago.  Last week right before we were going to get in the car to head to Camp I called Tillie over to put hers on.  Part of the clasp cracked as I was putting it on her.
I posted on their facebook wall about it and they said to e-mail them and they would help me.  I e-mailed them pictures and they replied that warranties only cover 90 days(I posted Christmas on the facebook wall.) and that maybe someone broke it on accident or maybe it was a defect.  They offered me a code for 40% off a new necklace.

Um, yeah.  In my view, they basically accused me of breaking it.  Also, Tillie is a pretty chill, mellow child.  She hadn't broken any of her crewcuts, dollar store specials or Premier Designs jewelry she wears.  There's no way this necklace should have broken.  I went and deleted my facebook post because it gave the view that they solved my problem.  I wasn't too shocked when I found a cracked piece of amber on the floor in Teddy's room a few days later.

I still like the the look of amber necklaces, but if I ever buy new ones it will not be from Inspired by Finn.


Cara said...

I'm surprised Inspired by Finn wanted the liability of that choking hazard!

Sounds like Britax is AWESOME though! I wish the defect on your old stroller was something fixable...I would so LOVE to try the stroller out!

Alexis B Ciziunas said...
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Alexis said...

I have an amber necklace like your inspired by flynn that my husband had my engagement ring on, the clasp has never so much as chipped, but amber, chipped when i had it wrapped around my baby's ankle with baby leg covering. I got a round bead necklace for Kelly's closet, i think those are less likely to chip. Kinda surprised at the clasp though, have several necklaces from Lithuania with clasps like that, never seen one of them break. and mine has a 1 year warrenty on the clasp, something like that, should be covered alot more than 3 months, least if its made for kids. btw, my baby lives in hers since Feb. and its still like brand new.

And i hear you on the customer service, we chose the Phil & Ted for our stroller, and they've been awesome, recalled stroller frame was shipped out and on our door step in 4 days, something was wrong with that frame, we sent a pic, the sent us our another frame no questions asked, 4 days later it was on our door step.

Amber Lynn said...

I think that the clasp was a defect. I kind of hoped they'd offer to repair it for me. I would have happily mailed it in.

The 40% off was just lame in that they have had 50% off sales often and are sold on Babysteals.