Tuesday, July 3, 2012

9 months

Sleep:  Not much has changed on this front.  He still takes two naps, an hour one around 9a and a two hour one around 1:30p.  Those times and lengths change a bit based on the day.  Since we're living at Camp he goes to bed later, it usually ends up around 8.  He typically wakes up once around 11-12.  If he wakes up another time I don't feed him.  He's up for the day around 7a most days.

Size: I finally took at the 3-6 month clothes out of his closet last week.  Some still fit, but I was getting sick o them. 6-9m fit him pretty well and most 6-12m don't look ridiculous.  The waist is big on some of his shorts, but nothing that falls off.  He's still in size 3 diapers.  0-6 months shoes would still fit, but he rarely wears them right now.

Food:  He's still breastfeeding a handful of times a day and once over night.  I give him purees twice a day, around 11:30a and 5p.  He then eats part of whatever we're eating in the dining hall.  He loves bread, waffles, pancakes, cereal, peaches, pears, grilled cheese, spaghetti(no sauce), green beans, corn and grapes.  He HATES mashed potatoes.  Next time it's on the menu I'm going to take a picture of him trying it.  It's so funny and yes, I'm evil.  He's getting pretty good at a sippy cup and can also drink water out of a camelbak.

Movement:  He twirls and slides when sitting to get where ever he wants.  Since we have hardwood at home and school-ish tile at Camp it's easy for him to get across the room.  He also reaches as far as he can while sitting and moves and inch or so every time he reaches and sits down - kind of like an inchworm.  Sometimes he reaches so far he goes on his belly.  I think crawling will happen this month.  He really wants to be able to pull up.  He can get to his knees in his crib, but no higher.  Sometimes after I put him in bed I'll hear him crying and I'll go in to find him sitting up.

Playing: He likes knocking over block towers and he's really good at rolling the ball and playing catch.  He loves getting into anything he really shouldn't have.  He sometimes says Mama or Mom and seems to know what he's saying.  He babbles all the time, but it's a lot of gibberish.

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