Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silhouette Update

I made it.  I followed this tutorial.  I'm going to make a new one though.

I followed the tutorial and painted the canvas white before I began.  I didn't have vinyl, so I used Contact paper.  Those two things together weren't the best mix.  The Contact paper worked well and didn't let the paint under it.  However, I think it stuck too well because it pulled up two chunks of white paint when I peeled it up.  You can't see it in the picture, but they're pretty noticeable when you're in the room with it.  Moreover, "Brilliant Pink" is a lot more like "Dark Fushia-Like-Pink" than the sample on the top of the bottle.  It's not the color I was hoping for.

I'll be making a new one without the white paint(the canvas I bought at Hobby Lobby was pretty white to begin with anyway) and with a different pink paint.  I'm hoping the little strands of hair I cut out will work better on the next one too.  Some of the pink paint peeled off with the Contact paper.

It was a pretty easy project.  We also toyed with the idea of painting the canvas pink and using pretty scrapbook paper.  (Hello coordinating Sarah Jane paper!)  That's the plan if the next one doesn't work well.

We also finally hung the two Sarah Jane prints I bought last May.  Next project will be the bunting.  Hopefully the book sling will happen soon after than, but probably not too soon.  I've been working more often lately and still have to pack for Memorial Day weekend.  And Camp.  My goodness.  I'm not ready for summer to start.

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