Monday, February 27, 2012

2 kids

I've had a number of people ask me how it's going with two kids.  It's not bad, but it's not totally awesome either.

From where I am now, it's totally dependent on the personality of your kids.  Tillie is/was a dream child.  Yeah, she has moments, but she's a 2 year old.  Generally speaking, she listens and follows rules, loves to do the same things I do and has a great schedule.  She plays independently well and has a great imagination.  She still naps from 1-3:00/4:30 every day.  If we miss nap time for some reason, she's flexible and just goes to bed early that night.  She goes to bed between 7:30-8:00p.  Then we rarely hear from her until 6:30a-7:30a.

Teddy's a little more difficult.  He still naps badly, but will actually take them occasionally now that I move the Rock n Play Sleeper to his room during naps.  (He still sleeps in our room at night.)  He won't take a bottle anymore so I rarely get to leave him.  Because of this he is a super-duper Mama's boy.  Tim is number two on the list and he'll tolerate my mom when I have to work.  He spits up all. the. time.  After sleeping though the night from 2-4 months, he stopped and now wakes up at least once, usually about 3 times.  He laughs easily and I can't remember a time when he didn't smile.  Singing, usually, gets him to stop crying.  He's social and loves going out and about.  Thankfully, he loves riding in the car.  And, he's ridiculously cute.

I find staying home to be worse than going out.  I use my double stroller at the mall and Gardens.  At Meijer's and Target Tillie rides in the cart seat and I put Teddy's car seat in the basket or wear him(facing out) in the EveryWear carrier.  )Occasionally it's more work, like today at Field's Fabric when the older woman cashier and customer were taking  Teddy was screaming in his car seat and they're taking their time discussing elastic.  Really?)  But, if Teddy was my only kid I know I'd still feel overwhelmed some days.  He's just a lot to deal with.

I'm so glad that Teddy is my second child, because I can already tell he's not going to be as good at entertaining himself as Tillie is.  Having a playmate will be good for him.  He LOVES watching Tillie in the room.  Tillie just kind of acts like he's always been there.  When store clerks ask her, "Oh, do you have a new brother?!"  She replies, "That's [just] Teddy." very matter-of-factly. (It's a word.  Don't look it up.)

So, two kids.  Harder than one, but that's to be expected.  I still get dressed/showered/make-uped every day, but I don't get enough sleep.  My house is a mess, but it wasn't perfect before Teddy was born either.  I know once Teddy gets older they'll both have a lot more fun.  I think I will too.


stefiny said...

Thanks for your honesty :) Being positive is a good thing, but it bugs me when people constantly paint a sunny happy picture about everything. Be real, people!
You're right - Teddy is ridiculously cute! And Tillie is a little darling.

Hope said...

Yeah, this is a great little post. Good to know what it's really like being a mom!