Friday, January 27, 2012


Well, my friends.  This has been a week.  I worked a lot(for me), Teddy refused all bottles,  Teddy refused most naps,  Teddy refused a couple bedtimes,  Tillie occasionally acted like an almost three year old(but actually was mostly good) and there was hardly any sunshine.

Yeah, one of those weeks.  I was determined that today would be a better day.  So far, not too bad.  Teddy and Tillie both let me sleep in until 7:45a.  I rewarded myself with a new coat this morning.  (Not that price, of course.)  Teddy took a morning nap -- In. His. Crib.  Tillie happily took a bath and let me wash her hair.  Well, she tolerated me washing her hair.

Since the sun was shinning so brightly, I decided we should go to the Gardens.  I dresses Teddy and Tillie in cute outfits and off we went.  A new "build-your-own" sculpture park exhibit opened today.  Tillie thought it was awesome.
I know you'll be shocked, but by the time we left all those knocked over trees were standing upright.

It wasn't long after we got there that I realized Teddy had a dirty diaper.  A diaper that leaked all over his cute new outfit, naturally.  Diaper explosions actually rarely happen to me when we're out, so the "spare" outfit in Teddy's diaper bag had been there since last November.  A white newborn bodysuit and a pair of small 0-3m pants.  Amazingly, my almost 4 month old was able to fit in the bodysuit.  It was stretched, but it fit!  I kind of felt bad though, because Tillie was dressed to the nines and Teddy was now wearing the lamest outfit, ever.  I covered it with a bib.
Teddy also questions this outfit.

It was still a lovely afternoon at the Gardens.  It wasn't busy at all!  I'm so glad I have a membership here instead of to the Children's Museum.  It's actually relaxing to spend a morning here with the kids.

So, even though there were remnants of my week, we still had a wonderful time.  Next time I'll just take a cuter change of clothes for Teddy.
My little movie star.

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Rebekah Muller said...

Ha. I was just thinking last night how glad I am that I got a year long membership to the Children's Museum. Not that I don't like the gardens, but it just doesn't "suit" Asa. His energy level does not match the gardens laid-back-ness
I went to the GRCM for the first time (post membership gift) yesterday with just Charlotte at 3 pm. It was really quiet there and she just loved it. I took tons of pics of her playing and loved not feeling pressured to stay too long since it's free!
I hope to go once a week. Flip flopping between both kids then just Charlotte, while Asa is at school.