Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Month

Our little guy is one month old today!

He's a pretty content guy.  He likes to eat, sleep and wake me up in the middle of the night - normal baby stuff.  He smiles already -- he has since he was one week old.  This is new territory for me, Tillie didn't smile until about 6 weeks if I remember correctly.

Thankfully he also likes to be worn in a sling.  I don't know how I would get grocery shopping done if he didn't.  He's wearing a newborn bodysuit and newborn BabyLegs in the month picture.  There are a few newborn outfits that he's outgrown, but only in length.  Taking after Tillie, he's tall with long legs.  He has a few 0-3month outfits that aren't swimming on him so we have a few more options now that he's growing.  We haven't been to the doctor in two weeks, so I don't know any of his measurements.  Check back on December 5 to see what he weighs at 2 months!

When Tillie was little, I didn't discover the "cool kids" thing that is bodysuit stickers until she was 2 months old.  Thanks to my friend Laura (*cough*who should update her blog now that baby number 2 is on the way*cough*) who gave me these Sticky Bellies, Teddy will start off his life cool.  And, thanks to my cousin Cara who gave me newborn size BabyLegs.  The other ones I have would be HUGE on him(and rather pink... I guess I need to do some shopping.) and I just couldn't take a picture with bare legs in November.  It's just too cold.

It's a good thing Tillie is taking a nap right now, I have the feeling she would have thought Teddy needed a few more accessories for this photo shoot.

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