Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Presents

I'm done with Christmas shopping for my kids.  I just buy things throughout the year when I see a good deal on something I think they would like.
We give three gifts in our family, like Jesus received on his first Christmas.  It's easy to go overboard on presents, and this way I know I'll keep myself in check.  Besides, there's always stockings too.

Play Wonder Cupcake Set
(Bought at Target in June for 50% off.)

Pottery Barn Kids Floor Puzzle
(Ours is bugs.  I bought it at the outlet over a year ago.)

(Bought at Penney's for $12.99 because of a crazy pricing error.)

(Bought at Barnes and Noble with 50% off coupon.)
Fisher Price Change a Tune Piano
(Bought at Target in July for 75% off)

Lowercase Blocks
(Bought a a craft fair, 50% off retail)

They get their Christmas pajamas after the Sinterklaas parade.  That's as close to Santa gifts as we get over here.  I always intend to give a book then too, but I generally forget.

What are you giving for Christmas?

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