Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Girl Bed

When we first set Tillie's bed up I wasn't ready to do the full crib to bed switch.  I had no idea how she'd handle it and Tim and I were already losing tons of sleep because of Teddy.  I decided to start with a nap to see how she'd do.   This was about two-and-a-half weeks ago.  I put her to bed and about an hour later I heard little footsteps in her room, the sound machine turn off and the door opening.  She was so happy and chipper coming out of her room that I didn't put her back to bed.  She normally slept for 2-3hours, but I thought maybe 1 hour was the new normal.  And, I was proud of her for turning of the sound machine on her own.

For the next few days she took one hour naps in her bed, but slowly each day she slept a little longer and it wasn't too long until we were back to 2-3hour naps.  I was still putting her to bed at night in the crib.  This caused much confusion when I was asking Tim to get something for me from "Tillie's room."  I kept referring to both rooms as hers.  Anyway, last Thursday I decided it was the night to try her bed all night.  Tim had Friday off of work so he would be able to put her back to bed whenever she got up.

Wouldn't you know it, she slept until 6am.  6am was, unfortunately, the new normal after the time change.  We were impressed.  On Saturday she got up at 6:15am.  Sweet!  Then on Sunday she got up at 5:45am.  Well, you can't win them all.  So far this week she's done really well and today she even didn't get up until 6:40!  I'm counting this bed transition as a success.

Last night I checked on her before I went to bed.  This is how I found her.

So I moved her back to how I put her to bed.  She always immediately puts the blanket over her eyes.

We have a bed rail(Thanks Aunt Betsy!) on the side so she doesn't fall out of bed.

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