Sunday, October 30, 2011

PomPom TableCloth

When Kizie was little my mom found two red tables on clearance for super-cheap at Target.  (I know, you're all shocked.)  She had my cousin Andrea paint them.  The one Kizie still has is of children from around the world.  We put the other one in Tillie's new room.

I just don't quite trust Tillie yet to not ruin the table top.  So, I made a cute tablecloth.  I just cut a 35" square, serged the edges, and added the pompom trim.

I do need a chair, because the one I was planning on using is too short.  Tillie doesn't seem to mind though.  (Please ignore how messy her hair is.  I don't know where her clip went.)
And hey, it only took me one week to make sew this!  Now I'm trying to decide if I want to add the pompom trim to her plain white valances.  I'll probably post a picture of what it would look like and ask for opinions later this week.

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