Monday, September 12, 2011

Early Literacy

It wasn't really a surprise to me that when I drive into the parking lot of a store with a big bullseye on the side of the building that Tillie yells out, "Target!"  (Well, it kind of sounds like a cross between Target and Ticket, but that's besides the point.)  I also was not surprised when "Meijer's!" is called out when we drive across the street.  (Occasionally this is followed by, "Aahhhh, no.")

I was a little surprised when Tillie brought me a battery the other day and said, "Meijer".  I was confused until I made her hand it over to me and sure enough, it was a Meijer brand battery.

Yesterday after church we went out for lunch with Tim's dad.  I was intending for it to be brunch, but apparently breakfast stops being served at 11a on Sundays at this restaurant.  As I took Tillie out of the mini-van, she took one look at the sign and signed/said, "Cake."

We were at Arnie's.
I swear I don't get cupcakes that often.

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Cohrs Compilations said...

I was guessing Arnie's when you talked about breakfast not being served!