Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Quest for a Perfect Caesar Wrap

There used to be a little coffee shop/cafe next to the hair salon I go to in Dorr.  It was called Spoons.  They had wonderful sandwiches and salads.  I really liked nearly everything I got there, but my all-time-favorite was their Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap.  It had creamy Caesar dressing, chunks of grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and crushed multi-grain croutons in a white flour wrap.  It was served with a side of salt and pepper kettle chips and a pickle.  The last one I had was when I was pregnant with Tillie and it was a few weeks before they closed.

While Spoons was still open I would occasionally order a caesar wrap at other restaurants and I was always disappointed.  This summer I decided enough time had passed so I would try and order them again.  I tried 3 this summer.

1. The Corner Bar - Char-grilled chicken, fresh Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, red onion, and our Caesar dressing wrapped in a garlic pesto tortilla.
  I ordered this one without the red onion.  It's okay, but it's missing the extra crunch of the croutons and the dressing isn't as creamy as I would like.  Tim once ordered it and asked for croutons to be added.  They served them on the side.  But, this wrap is served with The Corner Bar's awesome homemade chips which I would eat nearly anything to have on the side.

2. Jamesport Brewing CompanyGrilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and Caesar
dressing in a flour tortilla.
  This one isn't going to get a fair review.  It tasted okay as I was eating it, but it was a lot spicier than any Caesar salad I've ever had.  It also had tomatoes which weren't listed on the menu.  After I got home I looked up the menu online and I suspect I was served the Spicy Chicken Wrap rather than the Caesar.  It also just had one layer of lettuce around the outside and was stuffed with chicken.  It was too much chicken and not enough lettuce for me.  From what I can see on the website, pictures show that the Caesar wrap is similar in this design.  It was served with tortilla chips.
3. Marinades Pizza Bistro - Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with marinated grilled chicken, home-made croutons, red onion, parmesan and creamy Caesar dressing. Rolled in a spinach tortilla.
 This was the best one I had, but it still wasn't quite right.  I again ordered it without the red onion.  The croutons added crunch, but they didn't have the best flavor.  It was served with kettle chips and if they had been salt and pepper I think I would have loved it.  The spinach tortilla is okay, but not my favorite.  I'm going to try this one again, I think it sounds better in the description than it did in real life.  I remember liking it, but not loving it.

I've tried making them at home, and they just don't taste the same either.  Plus, food always tastes better when you're not the one preparing it.

Do you have any restaurant suggestions for me?  I'd love to try some more and find a perfect location because after writing this all I'm craving is a great Caesar Wrap.

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Cohrs Compilations said...

My favorite chicken Caesar wrap was the one at Arnie's, but I'm not sure if it's still on the menu and I haven't been there in years since my move down here and since we lived in Grandville the last few years. I think it had a spinach wrap and a creamy sauce with parmesan.