Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere

I grew up in the middle of nowhere.  For the past 6 years the local Baptist church has been putting on a community fun day every summer.  I try to go every year because it's fun and there's free food.  In the past there's been things like elephant, pony or helicopter rides.  This year was a little different.

I spent my Sunday afternoon watching Outhouse races.

Tillie and Kizie played some games.  They were very generous with Tillie's scoring.  Not that it matters.  Ever kid gets to pick the same amount of prizes.

And look!  A picture of me and Tim(taken by Kiz) without Tillie in it!

After the party my parents took us all out for ice cream!  It was Tillie's first time at the Dairy Ranch.

Hooray for a great small town day!

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