Monday, July 11, 2011


Last night Tim and I were talking about our first cell phones.  (It's okay to be jealous of how cool we are.)  I felt special because I got my first phone before he did.  Mine was in 1999, his was in 2000.  We then moved on to our first phone calls on 'mobile phones'.

Mine, appropriately enough, was made at the Target on 28th St(old location).  I called my dad who was watching the timer on his work phone so that he could hang up right before we used more than 2 minutes.  Obviously I had a small amount of minutes...and he was paying for them.

Tim's first phone call was on Windy Isle.  He called his parents and said, "Guess where I am?  I'm on an ISLAND!"

Tillie has already had a few cell phone calls, she doesn't stand a chance at remembering hers.  I don't even remember it at this point.

Do you remember your first cell phone call?

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Kelly Ram said...

I don't know if it was the first ones but judging by the phone I used, it was one of the first ones. In high school, Junior year I think, I was driving down 84th Street just east of Byron Center when a deer darted out in front of me. I hit it. I had my mom's old phone in my car (the one with a cord, attached to a battery pack that was the size of wii console). I called her and told her I hit a deer. The reception was bad so I repeated "mom I got in an accident" and all she heard of the entire phone call was "mom...accident" and the location. The deer came THROUGH the windshield but thankfully I didn't have any injuries except a few minor cuts in my hairline that no one noticed.