Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Okay friends, this is going to be a long post.  I really need to make a fabric decision for Tillie's new room.  I can't start working on painting her bed until I have something bought to chose colors from.  I'm planning on painting the walls a light blue, the trim white, and her bed red. 

These are the only two items I have purchased, prints from Sarah Jane Studios.  I plan on getting Ikea frames and painting them red to match the bed.

These are my considerations for bedding:
My first choice, but it's only available online so I can't see it in real life.  I'm also waiting for a coupon code that includes free shipping.  It's a pretty good deal(68% off), so it's possible that it could sell out before I can buy it.

I found this one at Target early this summer.  Unfortunately, I waited too long because it's sold out in store and online in twin.  I could get a full/queen online, but I think it would be way too big.  The price was right too.  I have no idea why I passed on the clearance price of $18.

This is in store and online at Target.  It's regular price and is actually more expensive than the Company Kids quilt that is my first choice.  I like it, but I like the look of a quilt more for this room.

We found these two at Target tonight.  They're a pretty good deal because they're a "bed in a bag" sets and include sheets.  I wasn't planning on using something with such a bring pink, but they could work even if a red bed would be too much.  They're also comforters vs. quilts.

Now, on to the fabric dilemma.  Sarah Jane Studios designed some fabric for Michael Miller that was released this summer.  It's just starting to arrive in stores.  Unfortunately, no local stores are carrying it.  (Well, Smith Owen has some of the boy line.)  Seven Sisters is getting some in later in August, but they weren't sure what pieces.  Also, they're not really local... 45 minutes away from Camp.  All this to say, I can't see any of the fabric in person.  It's selling well, so I'd like to order online as soon as possible.

I know I'm going to make a book sling to hang along side her bed.  I'm undecided if I'm making curtains(just valances) or not.  Here's what I can't decide on with fabric.
This was my first choice until the names of the fabric came out and it was labeled "lilac".  I've since found out from Sarah Jane(on the facebook fan page) that it is really a pinkish color.  But now I'm just not sure because it doesn't have any red in it.  Plus, if I get a solid pink quilt what if it's an "off" pink since it has a little lilac in it.

This one I like because it has blue, pink and red all together.  But, I'm not sure about the shade of blue being on the blue wall.  Also, if I get a quilt with a pattern(like the stripes or the vines) it might be a little too much going on.

I think this one would actually go the best with the prints that I have.  But it's cream.  I don't know how creamy it is, but it wouldn't work with the white/pink eyelet quilt and maybe not the white trim.  It does have red in it though.  This is the one I am kind of leaning to right now.  It's a small lean though...

Then there's the curtain fabric.  I think my first choice would be to get blackout panels from Pottery Barn Kids.  But yeah, they're way over budget.  Tillie doesn't have as much of a problem with light interrupting her sleep and her new room doesn't get as bright.  Getting valances from there is about the same price as buying fabric to make my own.  If I end up with either of the first two pink Target quilts these valances from Target are a great price.  Actually, now that I write this all out I don't think I'm going to make my own curtains.  There are some affordable Target options that I must have missed before.

But, I still feel like I want to buy some other of the coordinating Sarah Jane fabric to make something.  We have a table that she hasn't been given that is red and painted on top, but I don't trust her to not ruin the top yet.  Maybe I could make a tablecloth?  There's always bunting, but depending on the quilt/comforter I get that could be too busy.

I guess what I need from you all is which fabric you think I should order.  That's what will really let all the others fall into place.  Or, if you have a strong preference on which quilt(Or if you have another suggestion, under $50.) that would help me decide which fabric to pick.  I feel like I'm making this much more complicated than it needs to be.


Cara & Jeff said...

I like the first quilt the best, and the "cream" fabric or "lilac" fabric for the book sling. Blue on blue walls is too much, even though alone, that's my favorite fabric. What does Tillie think?

Cohrs Compilations said...

I like the first quilt the best also. It's cute now for her, and she can also grow into it. The other pink ones seemed to mature or older. I liked all the other fabrics/wall hangings you picked out. Good luck! You have put lots of thought into this already.

Angela said...

I like the first quilt and the blue fabric - I think that it depends on what blue you are using for the walls whether blue on blue would be too much. If your walls are going to be basically that same blue as the fabric, then yes, it would be too much, but if your walls are a few shades lighter, then I think it will work - and it will tie in all the colors together really well. And I think that fabric would work well as a throw pillow on that first quilt.

e Daly said...

My vote is the 2nd fabric. I think a blue lighter than the fabric would still look adorable!

Hope said...

First quilt (white and pink) and blue fabric.