Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I think it's lost forever.

Last May I got a ring sling for Mother's Day.  For 2 months it came everywhere with me.  It had pockets on the "tail" so I didn't even need to carry a purse.  It was perfect for my one-year old who didn't know how to walk yet and liked to be carried.

When we moved home from Camp I swore it was in a blue bin that we bought for Tim to use at school for playground balls.  A week later, when I finally was finishing unpacking I realized it wasn't there.  I kept thinking it would turn up, but it didn't.

I held out hope that maybe, somehow, it got packed in the attic with the Camp bedding.  I was very hopeful as Tim brought down the bins for me this week.  I emptied them all to re-wash them... and found no ring sling.

*sigh*  It was so pretty and I picked the blue just in case we had a boy next.  I guess I'll be ring sling shopping when this new little arrives.

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