Sunday, June 12, 2011

All Moved In

Here's a little photo tour of our apartment at Camp this summer.  We're living in two apartments in the bottom of the Lodge named Pere Marquette and Thornapple.

The covered entrance!

The hallway.  The door on the end leads to the back of another apartment that obviously has another entrance as my drying rack is blocking it.

Here's the living area.  The bunk beds take a little work to get out and the people who will be living here after us may need them, so we just decided to go with it.  Tillie thinks the bottom bunk is fun to play on.  The floor is still wet because my mom mopped them for me.  You can see the new covers I made for our glider rocker.  (It lives in Tim's classroom during the school year.)

The bathroom off the living room has a tub.

There is a counter top in the living room that doubles as my "kitchen sink".

Our bedrooms are in the other apartment. You enter our room first.

We even have a "master bath", AKA Tim's shower.

Then there's Tillie's room.  It also hold two sets of bunk beds, but since she'll only be sleeping in there we decided to leave them and use them for storage.  So far, Tillie's not too fond of her room.  I have to convince her to take her nap and to go to bed at night.

And, that's where we'll be for a little over a month.

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