Friday, June 17, 2011

24 weeks

When I packed for Camp I made sure Tim and Tillie had enough clothes, and then I packed mine.  I ended up with a lot of white t-shirts.  I'm dying for a little color in my life, so I borrowed a necklace from Tillie today.  Yes, I am wearing Gymboree.  We're also going to have a little break from the red wall of my kitchen.  There are a few(just a few) brown walls at Camp, so they will be featured for the next few weeks.

24 weeks marks "viability".  Basically, if I were to go into labor today, they'd try to save the baby after it was born.  Before 24 weeks they don't really do that often.  I definitely want this little to stay in there for quite some time yet, but it's a little milestone that's somewhat reassuring to achieve.

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