Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wooden Shoes

Yep, I got her a pair.  On the suggestion of the Wooden Shoe Factory guy, we went with a 8-9(16cm) and will wear an extra pair of socks or two this year.  That way she can wear them longer.

I intended to have all kinds of cute pictures to show you, but my battery was low so I couldn't use the screen and Tillie wasn't super-cooperative.  Other people thought she was darling though; her picture was taken by a lot of other garden visitors.  And, one boy called her Amish.

She did enjoy checking out the tulips.  After examining one color she would point out a new color she wanted to see.

Next Wednesday and Saturday we're going to Tulip Time.  I should have better pictures then because I have more helpers to make her smile!  Kizie's costume is almost done!


Hope said...

Cute! I love the whole outfit. I want one.

Cara & Jeff said...

Cute! I am hoping to convince mom or leah to go to TT too!

Cohrs Compilations said...

so cute! I love the one of her from behind with the tulips!