Monday, April 11, 2011

14 Week Appointment

There's really not that much to report.  My blood pressure was good and the heartbeat was easily found.  Baby was moving a lot so he had to find it again a couple times.  He didn't tell me what the heartrate was though, so no Old Wives Tale guesses from that.  I've lost 3lbs since my 10 week appointment.  I was not expecting that, but they're not concerned.

In the last week I've finally felt like I had enough energy that I don't need to just sit for Tillie's entire afternoon nap.  I can even brush my teeth sometimes without gagging.  Sometimes...

Ultrasound is scheduled for May 16th.  No, we still don't plan to find out the sex.

Side note, I updated the banner this weekend.  It's a little pre-spring.

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Cohrs Compilations said...

The new banner is cute! I noticed it. We are not finding out either. Congrats!