Monday, March 28, 2011


Yeah, I know.  You've probably had a bunch of people asking you to sign up under their link.  I've finally succumbed to the pressure and it's pretty cool.  Here's the jist:

1.  Sign up Here.  This gives me some points.  Swagbucks(points) are good.
2.  I installed the toolbar because it's just easier for me.
3.  Randomly throughout the day I'll use the swagbucks search engine to search.  It's not really a great search engine.  If I really want to find something, I use google.  Every so often, my search will earn me "Swagbucks".  They store them in a little "bank" for you.
4.  They actually add up pretty quickly.  You may be thinking.  Yeah, sweet.  A Swagbuck.  Now what do I do with that?  That's the fun part.
5.  You can actually turn the swagbuck/points in to get e-gift cards.  For real.  It only takes 450 swagbucks to get a $5 amazon giftcard.  I've already earned one.  Who doesn't love free amazon money!?!

So yeah, that's it.  Just sign-up here, or there's a link on my sidebar.

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