Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Room Planning

Sometime this summer we're going to do some room moving in our house.  Tim and I will be moving to the guest room/office.  It's actually the largest room in the house.  Tillie will be moving to our room and the baby will move into the nursery, eventually.  The office is already a latte color, which matches our bedroom decor.  The nursery is gender-neutral, with girly accents since we had a girl.  I'm guessing most of the girly things will follow Tillie to her room and we'll readjust that room after the baby arrives.

So, I'm excitedly planning Tillie's room since we kind of get to start from scratch.

1. A book sling. I'm going to make one to hang along side her bed.
2.  I've been in love with Sarah Jane Studios for quite a while.  How awesome that she has designed some Michael Miller fabric that is coming out this Spring!?  The book sling is totally going to be made in some of that fabric!
3. She had a Jenny Lind crib and she's going to be moving into a Jenny Lind bed.  I'm toying with the idea of painting it red, but Tim has yet to be convinced.
4.  I've had this fabric stack picture saved on my computer for years.  I just love the color combination of aqua, red and pink.  It's kind of what I'm basing the whole room around, but I'm planning the aqua to be a little more blue.  Light blue walls, white trim with pops of pink and red.  How cute will that be!?
5.  Um, this is quite possibly the cutest name wall art I've seen.  I think Tillie needs one with a red frame to match her red bed.  Fabric could be coordinating fabric from the Sarah Jane Studios line.  I found the picture/tutorial on Crap I've Made.  Also, I want a Silhouette.
6. Short dress, long legs and blond hair?  I think these illustrations are perfection for my girl.  They're from Sarah Jane Studios' Etsy Shop.

I'll keep you all updated as the planning progresses.

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