Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been limiting the amount of time Tillie gets her pacifier during the day now.  I take it away from her in the morning when I'm getting her dressed.  This does not go over well.

Every once and a while she'll walk into her room and come out with one.  She'll show it to me and I take it away.  So, I think she's getting the idea.  I still let her have one in the car sometimes and if we're running a lot of errands.

Today she got a new baby doll.

This baby came with its own pacifier.  Tillie thinks that is awesome.
Later this afternoon I caught Tillie with a nuk she must have found in her toy box.  About 3 minutes after I took it away she came and brought me the baby's nuk.  I guess she's learning to be less dependent on it too.

Or, Tillie didn't want her to have something she couldn't have.

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maria hoekstra said...

its funny that you wrote this today. msn is my homepage and one of the stories was 4+ year old suri cruise still having a nook. glad you're weaning tillie. :)