Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fashion Show Dancing

Yesterday I saw a sign I thought was leading to a garage sale, so I followed them on my way home from work. They actually were leading to a consignment sale. I haven't had much luck at consignment sales recently, but I thought, what the heck?, I'm here! I put sleepy Tillie in the lillebaby carrier, grabbed my wallet and headed over to the 2t section. At first I was a little disappointed; there wasn't much in her size. As I neared the end of the small section of 2, I noticed a fabric I recongized. What do you know, but I found a Matilda Jane dress there in Tillie's size! It's from the Homegrown line, the first line we bought Kizie something from in 2008. It's never been my favorite dress because I don't really care for the label front and center on the waistband. I figured for $10, I'd easily be able to make my money back if I didn't like it.

Then I headed over to the shoes. I found a cute pair of white Stride Rite sandals for $2. Perfect for play sandals when we're out and about this summer. As I was trying them on Tillie's foot, I noticed a box labeled "Saltwaters". I'd read about these sandals online recently and they sounded like really nice sandals that wear well. $6 for a pair of brown sandals that look like new and retail for $34 sounds good to me! I also picked up a cute Gymboree dress that will look super-cute with denim capris under it.

This morning I made Tillie try on the dress and shoes. This dress is adorable. The shoes are cute and practical. They should match everything.

As  I was taking the tags off the two dresses and the brown sandals I noticed that they were all from the same seller.  I wish I could find out who she is so she could sell to me directly!

During this fashion show, Tillie really got down with her dancing.  My pictures are blurry because she was moving so much!

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