Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A taste of Spring

I know it won't stay, but this day, followed by my Gardens visit yesterday was divine.  I intended for it to be a lazy day at home.  But after my mom stopped by to drop something off my plans changed.  TipToes in Holland was calling my name!

Tillie loved being outside without a coat or a hat.  She's also been dying to wear those shoes outside.  She can't wear socks with them, so today was her first chance.

Tillie was particularly enchanted by the necklaces this visit.
Just in case I didn't know, Tillie told(and signed) me that the fire was hot.
But, I'm pretty sure her favorite part was running free on the sidewalks of Holland.

I know we still have weeks of winter, but today I had a taste of spring.  I loved it.

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