Sunday, February 27, 2011

3rd Grade Girls

Kizie had a sleep-over Friday night with 14 girls from her class.  My mom enlisted a lot of family members to help drive them all to her house.  Kizie said she needed to ride with me because "strange girls might scare Tillie".  As we were leaving Kizie said something about her niece. 
One of the girls said, "That's your niece!?!*"
I replied, "Yep, Kizie is my sister and Tillie is my baby."
Kizie piped up saying, "Yeah, I was adopted."
Another girl in the back, "You're adopted!?"
Kizie, "Yes!  From Guatemala."

The girls then all said, "Oh, yeah! Blah, blah, blah." and they started telling exaggerated stories in 3rd grade fashion.

I get used to how Kizie looks being in my family and used to get surprised when people would ask me if she was adopted because it's like she's always been here**.  It's kind of nice to know that the girls in her class think the same way.

* Tillie has been to school at least 2 a month since she was born.  They all should should know this.
**  Now I usually get comments about "how striking my two daughters are."  Kizie thinks this is hilarious.

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Hope said...

Nice. 14 girls is one serious sleepover!