Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is how I get sewing done.

We have a basement in our house.  It's rarely photographed because, well, it's ugly.  It's also not completely finished.  My mom vacuumed yesterday when she was watching Tillie, so I felt comfortable taking some pictures.  This way when Tillie is 24 she won't have to argue with Kizie about what color the carpet(orange!) or walls were.

We keep Tillie's kitchen down there.  She's happy as a clam to move dishes and food around while I sew.  I actually do more sewing when she's awake.
Yeah, I don't keep my laundry in the fridge either.

Today she decided to take her pans full of food and sit on the steps for a "snack".

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Cara & Jeff said...

I'm jealous of her play kitchen!